Σάββατο 26 Νοεμβρίου 2011

The biggest scandal!

The biggest scandal. The one  that generated a volume of discussions... Or maybe is it a true feeling? Or maybe is it the biggest weapon? Or even is the reason that we are still kept alive?
I am speaking for the Holy Union (through the Holy Blood and the Holy Body of the Christ). For that massive weapon that God has given to man. The one that strengthens the Christian. "With fear, faith and love come". Do you receive the Holy Blood and Body of the Christ my friend? There is no bigger weapon than that. With the Holy Union the Christian becomes a lion, the daemon is trembling and runs away, the passions are reduced, the need for a "fight"  is exacerbated. With that huge present, the man is refreshed, becomes brand new, he gains a remarkable patience and hope. The cruel heart is softened! With the Holy Union we are filled up with light, we receive the God into us!!! Don't stay away from the Holy Union my friend! Go, prepare, confess your sins to your Spirtual Father, cry for your sins, change your life, pray with holy fear, faith and hope and then go  and receive the Holy Blood and Body of Jesus Christ.

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