Δευτέρα 14 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Did you see the sky today?

Did you see the sky today? I am wondering what kind of day will be... Will it be a hard one? will it be an easy one? Pray from the deepness of your heart and go on with faith. Make your work, care your people but never forget.. That life is NOT the true one. It is not the real one. We have another land prepared from the God. The permanent land of the sky. For that land, make dreams. As Apostle Pavlos says "Because we don't have here a permanent land but we wish the one in future".For that country to prepare now. For that country to sustain every difficulty with courage patience and faith. We are all of us, travelers... We are travelling and experiencing difficulties. Other more or less. The God know how much we can sustain and He decides accordingly...

I wish to become stronger, I wish to hope, I wish not to lose your courage and faith And then we will be able to feel the union with Him. In that other land. The permanent...

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