Τετάρτη 23 Νοεμβρίου 2011

The radio

We have for instance a radio. When the antenna is facing point one, where the frequency is better, then the show is listened better. At point two the frequency is not that good, and the radio show is not listened with the best quality. At point 3 is not listened at all.
This is exaclty the same with the communication with the God. When the soul is turned at point 1, the contact is perfect. This is because the two criteria are fulfilled: that of love and that of diffidence. With those criteria in place, the soul communicates with the God, and listens to His voice. The soul accepts His words, it takes power and is transformed. It looks at the God softly and gains happiness. When there is fewer love and diffidence - point 2 - the communication appears to become rather problematic. When the soul takes the 3rd place then the communication is almost absent, because the soul is full of passions and so the soul cannot rise.
If we want the God to visit our inside world  we should have a clean heart.
Monk Porfyrius

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