Σάββατο, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

A different city

Imagine how it would be if you were a visitor at Bethlehem. Poorly dressed, being at corner of the cave... And without caring for anything else being focused with your heart ready to burst from love and joy. Being present at the cave. Wouldn't be perfect? Christmas Eve today and I imagine how much the Lord loves us. He gives us everything due to his endless love. He is only asking from us, just to ask from Him. To try to approach Him. Is there any better period from Christmas? We have to reborn through the mysteries of the church, exactly in the way that the Christ will born. We have to approach the glorious city, as the wise-men did 2011 years ago. Inside the cave there is light. A light that can warm our heart which is freezing from sins. To warm up the man who feels disjointed and not beloved from anyone. To give hope to everyone who is facing corners. To offer patience to the unhealthy. With all those is like we are living in a different city. Is like we are living at an alternative reality. Feel the light of Bethlehem in your soul and everything in your life will become novel.  

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