Τρίτη, 13 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

How to see things differently

... Everybody has its "closed" days. Where we don't want to see anyone... Our heart is like the seasons. Our soul is like the sea. Sometimes the sea is full of waves, other times is peaceful. Sometimes you go and you feel that you will be able to walk upon the waves, and you feel so much piece, so much blessing and so much joy. Some other times your next to you is your heaven and some other times becomes your hell. The same person. You same beloved person can become heaven or hell. Let's say your man: other times you anxiously wait him to return from the job and some other times you don't want even to throw him a glance. That is the difficulty that people face. This is how people who don't "insert" God to all that history.Let's pray the Lord to enter into His atmosphere, atmosphere of endless joy. This is how the God is. He is always into an endless light. When we are in that atmosphere we see the things differently and properly.

Andreas Konanos

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