Παρασκευή 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

A marvelous story.

One day monk Porfyrios took three spiritual children with him in order to make a liturgy at a monastery. Initially, they said to go on foot but when Father orfyrius got tired they decided to call a taxi. Immediately a taxi appeared and the team decided to make a signal to the taxi driver t stop. - Monk Porfyrius told them not to make any signal for the axi driver would have stopped on his own, moreover he told them to remain silent in the taxi and that he himself could speak. Indeed the taxi driver stopped. When they got into the taxi, the taxi driver started to accuse the priests and the monks in general. None replied, as they were obeying to Father Porfyrios who told them not to speak at all. The taxi man asked Father Porfyrios for his opinion. Then Father Porfyrios said, my child, I would tell you a short story.Once upon a time there was a man from that place (Father Porfyrios said specifically the place) who had an old neighbour  large piece of land. One night he killed his neighbour and he buried him. After that having committed forgery took the land of this neighbour and he sold it. At the time, the driver was shocked. He stopped the taxi and said. Don't say anything Father, only you and me we know. No, he said, Lord also knows, so you have to change your life from now and on. 

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