Παρασκευή 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The "prophecies"...

The Bishop Athanasios commented at his speech various "prophecies" that are said to be made, and said the following incident. Someone has asked monk Paisius. "Monk will a war be made"? And the monk replied: "Why do you ask"? "To  buy bread and milk". And he replied to him "even if a war is going to happen would you have the wish to drink milk"? Father Paisios said that we will receive back Costantinupolis, but he has never set time limits. Father Paisios saw everything from a theologian side. Once upon a time asked them if Cyprus will be freed from the Turkish. He replied to them that this will happen only if the Cypriots first become freed from their passions. And Bishop Athanasios continued his speech saying... What we are going to achieve if we take Kostantinupolis but lose our soul? Of course it would be a happy incident. Of course we will be happy if Costantinupolis comes back to us. But our aim and goal  should be the captivation of the "Above Jerusalem". It is even referred at the Bible. "Ask for the above".

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