Πέμπτη 1 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The scandal maker

Once upon a time, a man visited the skiti of Kafsokalivia, to become a monk.

The fathers of the skiti did not accept him because, he was lazy, negligent and he was responsible for many issues that happened. However, because this man liked the place begged the Fathers to accept him not as a monk but as a permanent visitor who worked there sometimes. 

He lived there with laziness and the time of his death arose. He was laying in the bed waiting to die. The Fathers were next to him and supported him. One day he started waving his hands in the air. The Fathers didn't know what has happened. When he was at a state that he was able to talk he narrated the following; I saw the Archangel Michael holding a paper with all my sins written upon it. "Do you see all those you have done, so prepare to go to hell". Then I said to Archangel. Please, check if the sin of judging others is included. The Archangel replied "No"! "Then I told him, so I should not go to the hell according to what Lord  said: "don't judge so as not to be judged". Then the Archangel torn the paper. So,  Fathers I will now go to heaven. When you told me that I am not good enough to become a monk and I stayed here with you, I went to the church on Sundays and I heart the "don't judge not  to be judged" from the Bible. And then I said to my self "Poor man at least follow this rule, and finally this rule saved me from the hell" When he finished those words he gave his soul to Archangel Michael

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