Τρίτη 17 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Monk Sofronios advises us...

The total of our human life since our birth up to our very last breath, is going to look like a composed act. Its quality will seem like a bright. Imagine a crystal glass full of water A single glance is enough to tell us if the water is pure or not. The same will happen to us, when we move into another sphere. Even the smallest movement of our heart or of our mind leaves the stigma to our whole life.... Until I will oust this thought from my heart with an action of "changing mind" it will remain with me like a black spot unable to be hidden. 

When we change our mind accusing only our self in front of the God and of people, then we get mirrored internally. The water in the glass is cleaned through the filter of "changing mind". So when I confess, I accuse my self for every bad, for there is no sin that I am not responsible even for a second..  And If for just a moment I was kept by a bad though, who guarantees me that this moment will not me transformed to eternity?

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