Δευτέρα 19 Μαρτίου 2012

An unvbelievable story

And you see sometimes the humble people even though they make miracles they still don't believe in themselves.
Once, in Jordan there was a simple priest who made miracles. He was reading prays for people and animals that suffered from illnesses and they were cured. Muslims went to him when they had a disease and he treated them. That priest before he did the holy service, eat a cracker and some tea, but the rest of the day he wasn't eating anything else. Some time, the patriach found out that he was eating before the holy service and he summoned him to the patriarchate. And he went but he didn't knew what he was called for.  Until he was called, he was waiting in a room with other people. Outside it was very hot, the shutters were closed and from a hole a ray of light was passing. But the priest thought that it was a rope. So he took off his robe and hang it over this ray. When the people saw what he did they lost their reason.

Then they went to the patriarch and tell him that the priest who eats before the holy service hang his robe over a ray of light! So the patriarch called him and started asking him: How are you? How are things? How often you do the holy service? how are you preparing yourself for this? And he answered: I read the service of ΟΡΘΡΟ΅Σ I do some prostrations and then I prepare a drink, I have a snack and then I do the Holy Service. Why are you doing this? asked the patriarch. If I eat something before the service the priest answered, when I do the catalysis Jesus goes on it. But if I eat after the service, Jesus goes under it. He did this with good purpose. The the patriarch said to him No, it isn't right. First you do the catalysis then you eat a little. The priest did a prostration and accepted it. Even though the priest could do miracles, he just aggreed, he didn't had his own will. Instead of this he could had thought that I, myself do miracles, what does this man tells me? The way I am thinking is better because in other way Jesus goes under the food. I have understood that obedience helps very much.. However clever is someone, if he has obedience, he becomes a philosopher. Either smart, or stupid, or healthy or mentally or physically ill and suffers from bad thoughts if he has obedience, he is relieved. Obedience is salvation.

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