Σάββατο 29 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Gift in return (English translation)

And somehow like this, life continues... With our falls, our disappointment, our selfishness, our "human thinking"... And then you are wondering why life is difficult... Why not? For, you walk away day by day from your Father. Because you walk away  from the One who promised endless life. From the one who came to earth and was crucified for you... Do you listen? Yes, I am addressing to you. He came, to allow you proudly say << here is my father, the One who made big and spectacular things, the saver of the world, who suffered as much as no one else ever did for his child>>. And you? How do you respond to his promise? What is your gift for His sacrifice? Maybe your sin? Your bad thoughts? Your absurd logic? Your unbeatable selfishness? Which of the above? Or maybe all the above? Forgive me... I am exactly in the same position with you... That's why I know you so well. Please realise that the best gift for our Father is our humiliation and the true changing of mind. This will allow you to go back to His arms, from where you were leaving humiliated from heaven. When you will enact the above advice, please don't forget me. Because at that time I will possibly still trying to.... That's why I beg you: Pray for me.

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