Τετάρτη 16 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Father Tychon and the thief

Once upon a time, someone has sent to Father Tychon a cheque from America. When Father Tychon took the cheque from the post office, a man was won by the temptation of stealing. At that night he went to the place of Father Tychon in order to steal him. He was thinking that apart from the cheque he would found other extra money. But he didn't know that Father Tychon has already spent his money in order to buy breads for the poor. After forcing Father Tychon with a rope, he did realise that indeed he didn't have any money and he decided to leave. Father Tychon told him: "God may forgive you". This man left and  he went to another monk  for the same purpose; to steal him. At that point he was arrested by the police and he confessed that he also went at Father Tychon before. The policeman went to Father Tychon and asked him to give any information, because the thief would be prosecuted. Father Tychon became sad and was telling to the policeman: "I have forgiven him with all my soul". Father, the policeman said, here there is no forgiveness, come with me because I follow orders. Finally the Judge let Father Tychon to go because he was crying like a small child; for Father Tychon was fearing that he would become the reason for the punishment of the thief. When Father Tychon remembered this incident he used to say: "people don't know the "God may forgive you". 

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