Τρίτη 1 Νοεμβρίου 2011

I want everything. Is that bad?

I want everything. Is that bad? 

Of course not. That's why we were created. To want everything. To desire everything Our existence, our "made-up", is such that is not fulfilled with the few, with the rough, but want to reach far. As far, as much, as highest  it can.  But the danger is around! If we lose our God, if our heart does not have the need to be sweetened any longer  by the Christ, then the things will get worse. Then, we won't want to reach high to the Kingdom of the God. Then we won't want to reduce our passions. Then, we will ask everything in a devastating, selfish way. The sight of our soul, blind from the passions, will start to adapt  to things that are stick down to earth, to the temporary things. ... Unprotected, without any direction from above, we will get confused. 

Try hard my friend! That is enough! Try with faith and patience. And, always wish to become winner. That's why you have been created!

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