Παρασκευή 18 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Love me

You need heart to love... You need to wake up in the morning and say to the neighbour a goodmorning. To help an old woman in the street. To touch with love the hair of the child that is crying... To give something to the poor who is begging. To make a visit to a hospital. To clap with full feelings at a children's festival. To share with relatives and friends a happy incidenct. To calm down someone who is at difficulties. To show understanding for someone else's situations. To recognise the quality of your 'rival'. To step back to a disagreement... To pray for all those you bittered. To pray for those who bittered you. To pray to love... to love with your heart... To love... to bring someone near Him... Just feel pain with the pain of others. feel happiness with the happiness of others, cry with the tears of others, laugh with the laughing of others.. Just say thank you.. Just live for the Christ... Love. Love to live..

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