Τρίτη 15 Νοεμβρίου 2011


When the priest said "With Fear of the God" many monks received the Holy Body and the Holy Blood of the God. I received it also. From that time, I felt so happy and so excited After the liturgy I left the forest alone, full of joy and piece. I was running with passion in the forest, I was jumping from my happiness. I was opening my arms and I was saying loudly "Glory to the God". My arms remained opened and they shaped the symbol of the Cross. If you saw me from behind you woud see a cross. My head headed to the sky, my breast was stretching with the arms to leave for the sky My heart was ready to fly What I am telling you is my true experience. For how long I was in that state I dont know When I "came back" to myself I brought my arms down and I moved silent with my eyes filled with tears. 

Monk Porfyrius

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