Σάββατο 5 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Miracle from monk Paisios from his grave at the Souroti Monastery

Testimony of Mr. Evangelou from Thessaloniki: "Since I was 12 years old I suffered from daemon. My life became a torture. After the exorcisms I felt like I was seriously attacked"

The first Saturday of the Fasting, in 1995, my spiritual father, planned to attend a liturgy at night at Souroti.  Before we started,  I felt into me a wild war. During the night at the liturgy I didn't feel the need to sleep at all. I was at the centre of the church surrounded by female monks. The liturgy finished and they started reading "Blessing of the Water". At that time I got mad. They took me to kiss the "lipsana".... of Saint Arsenius! At that time, I felt to be bodily burnt! At the end I turned and said "Pai.. Pai". The leader of the female monks asked me: Do you mean Paisios? and I nodded positively. Then I was very upset and wild, I started yelling, they took me at his grave and there I shouted three time "Saint" "Saint". I wanted to leave but they forced me to lay on his grave. I then saw the monk Paisios to arise from the middle and above like he was just woke up, not like a dead. It was exactly the same with his clothes and beard. Everything happened in a second. He touched me with his hand and at that time I saw a black air to emit from my mouth. I then calmed down completely, but the pain of my body was still there. I slept and from the terrible pain I was waking up saying that "I suffer from pains too much". But for 40 days I was so happy that from my happiness I was crying. Maybe it was too far-fetched but I said: "My Lord, I don't mind to suffer again as before, but at least to feel again this happiness for even just a minute"! 

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