Πέμπτη 19 Ιανουαρίου 2012

The potatoes of anger

Many years ago,  as a student, I had a wonderful teacher at school. One day we had a conversation about how necessary is not to keep the anger inside us, but to get rid of it instead. In order to understand that, he told us to do something. "Tomorrow morning, bring a plastic bag and some potatoes each of you", he said. We looked at him stunned, but we knew he wasn't kidding so we did what he had asked. So, the other day he said:
"- Every time you decide NOT to forgive someone, write the name of that person and the date on a potato and throw it to the bag."
After a fairly short period of time, some of the bags were already pretty heavy.
He told us to carry that bag with us all the time, wherever we went. So that we keep that in mind every moment. To carry that bag even when we went to some places more..."fitly" or "classy". Imagine that you should carry a bag full of potatoes when you go to a cafe or a restaurant. Think also that some of the potatoes had already started to putrefy. To remind us the price we have to pay for all the negativity and the pain that resides inside us, when we choose not to forgive someone.
Many times, we consider that forgiving someone is like giving that person a gift. I think that in fact it's exactly the opposite. It's a gift to ourselves. We get rid of a redundant and heavy load off our soul.
So, next time you will think how difficult it is to forgive a person, ask yourself: "Isn't my bag already rather heavy?"

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