Τετάρτη 4 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Smile pal!

We found this picture on a wall. And we found the following entry on a site.
One picture, thousand words. ...and how could we wake up better than a child who is happy and wants the whole world to be happy... Maybe we, the grown ups, don't have the same strenght! When I see somebody who is in a bad mood, I don't have the courage to tell him "smile pal!" I 'll do nothing more than to pretend to "understand" him. But what to understand? We do have everything and despite that, we do keep complaining. We have everything: knoweledge, frineds, food, youth, life, home... Do you keep reading this? What do you waant? Let's smile and keep walking! We see someone who's crying and we think that the whole world is crying... But... This is not the reality. Because there are many people who are happy. So, I tell you: "Smile pal!"

(sorry for the poor translation. Our translator will be back soon!)

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