Παρασκευή 20 Ιανουαρίου 2012

The two monks

One day, two monks, who were out of their monastery for a pilgrimage, reached a river. They saw a very beautiful girl standing next to the river. She had no idea how she could pass through the river, because it was very deep and dangerous. Without second thoughts, one of the monks helped the girl pass through the river by carrying her in his back and left her at the river bank. After that, the two monks continued their way. About an hour later, the other monk started complaining: "Why did you help her? We're not supposed to touch a woman. It's against God's rules not to get in close contact with a woman. How can you do something that it doesn't comport with the monks' rules?". The monk who helped the woman kept on his way silent. But after a while, he said to the other monk: "I carried the woman and left her at the other side of the river one hour ago. It's over now for me. Why do you continue to carry her?"...

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