Πέμπτη 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

We feel the pain together, we cry together, we smile together

You told me your life is a drama. That your life is going from bad to worse day by day. You told me you were not only facing economical problems and job problems, but you have a bigger issue: your health is fading like the autumn leaves. "And how am I supposed to sustain all these? Tell me how.. I'm a human being. I am tempted to start complaining about all these. Things didn't turn out the way I hoped". That's what you told me... And I sympathized you. Because I've felt that way too. Because I need to feel that way myself as well. It's extremely difficult. But, you know what? A saint man once told me that the bigger the problems, the more God watches us over. Therefore, smile my friend! Our life is both joy and sadness. Turn your tears into prayers. And you'll see. You 'll see that everything is going to be alright. I 'm saying so, because it can't be anything else than this. Because God knows what He is doing. He gives us a personal "cross".  Not bigger than the one we can stand. He knows our limits. Try to understand this, my friend.
And don't forget that you 're not alone. We're all together on this. We feel the pain together, we cry together, we wipe the tears together. We smile together! A prayer comes out from all of us and runs  towards God with a great momentum and hope to His throne. So, be patient and never give up! Some day the page will turn. Some day everything will change. Just hold on...

PS: Sorry for the poor translation...

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