Τρίτη, 13 Μαρτίου 2012

To sustain someone, you have to love him first

- Father, when we a face a difficulty, what can we do? 

- What to do? Patience of course. Patience is the strongest drug which cures long and protracted difficulties. Most of the difficulties can pass only through patience. Patience solves many issues and has nice results. There you don't expect any solution, the Lord gives the best solution. Know that the Lord is pleased, when people face the difficulties without grief. Our life at that world is a continuous exercise. Think what the Lord suffered at those difficult years! How many problems did the Jewish create for Him,and He did not speak at all. Saint John Thelogos, he suffered as well. For a small grief he got lost at sea. .. You see the God permits the Holy men to face difficulties in order to see them and follow their bright example. In that way we will face difficulties with patience, prayer and happiness. To sustain the other, you have to love him first. 

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