Δευτέρα 7 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Counting is diffcult.

How many times you really felt desperate and you said <>? How many times you felt the absence of God? How many times you said with a grief << why my God, why to me>>? How many times you followed the path of sin? How many times? Did you honestly ever try to count them? No? Then how you are going to change your life, how you are going to reach heaven? If you ever count them please remember that every time you were disappointed for the forthcoming exams, someone else was praying for his person who has just passed away. Every time you felt coward from fear that the others will mock you for your faith, please remember Evgenios Rodionof  who has his head cut with a cross on his chest. Every time where you were "crying", a little african boy was losing his life making the symbol of the Cross.  Every time you were in the path of sin someone next to you was crying... Counting is difficult,  but even more difficult is our incapability to feel the love of the God and the power that the faith and love to Him gives.

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