Σάββατο 19 Νοεμβρίου 2011

The Dustman of Love

Do you know D.S. ? Of course not! Because he is not an actor neither singer nether politician neither soccer palyer. Who is D.S? He says that himself: "I am an illiterate man. I have never attended the elementary school. I just know how to sign. But again if I was literate I may not offer money". What money? D.S. who is a dustman found 52.000 drachmas and gave them without second thought. Another year found 88.000 drachmas and he gave them again. One other time found one million in a black bag at Lianokladi, and gave them to police. His slogan is "poor but honest. What is nice is not only that he returns the money but also that he never accepted a reward for his kind act. When he received a reward he gave them for the unprotected children Please note that D.S is a married man with children. It may because of his profession to be seen as being at the low level of society but in reality he is at the top scale in terms of morality. We need to find out his name. His name is Demetris Stefis. 

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