Τρίτη 8 Νοεμβρίου 2011

If you could approach Him at least for a little...

A couple of Germans, came and showed me a little box with wedding rings, and they were speaking German which I understood hardly. "We want", he said, "to bless the wedding rings". They didn't know that before I was  in the Holy Mountain and I don't know how they found me at the airport. "Are you orthodox"? He said no, does it matter? We want you just to bless the wedding rings. I said "Well I will bless them". And I did that and they said thank you to me very vividly. And I say to myself " I was in the Holy Mountain for a visit, I was so moved from the whole experience, I go to the airport and sit and while I wanted to be with myself and to think all the nice things I saw and felt in the Holy Mountain, someone approached me and want a blessing". He said to me, today we have our 50th ceremony of our wedding and we want you to bless the rings. At that time I felt that if you really approach the God for a while, then all the others when you return will want to approach you, without your intention. Just because you are a man of the Christ, even if that is just for a while. 

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