Κυριακή 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The bad children are the best!

... The bad children are the best. The God loves them. The God loves the bad people!  He does not oppress them.And for this reason there is a possibility for a bad person to change his life. When you criticise someon,when you make him to object when he hears your voice as an oppression into his soul, how is then possible to approach the God? You achieve exactly the opposite. If a sinner man goes to the God and tells him: My Lord I have made a sin. Punish me". Then the God will say, "Why did you make that sin?" "Because I am a sinner Master". "Why you are a sinner"? Do you know what the God id? Is the One who identifies the cause and goes deeper. To find something really pure. [...] He is looking to identify to you that cause, when He sees a sin you have made. He is not focusing on the sin. He is NOT...

from f.Andreas Konanos -www.atheataperasmata.com

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