Δευτέρα, 26 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Christmas and lonely again

Τhe Christmas came again... As happens every year... and again ... I am  lonely... All around there are presents, people, food, nice smells, songs, dances.. But I am lonely. Emotions, hugs, loughs... But I am lonely. Pain! Every year that depression is oppressing me.There is a small grief. The world is dancing at the stars' rhythm while at the same time I walk through the lonely paves of myself. Looking at the stars and crying for all those I wished and loved and who are now missing. They are away from me...They are not with me to share the pleasure, to hear the prayers of the children that holy night..Forgotten I continued to walk. With just a star to accompany me... Τhat is strange! What endless beauty! That is a different star,bright and beautiful... vivid... perhaps trying to show me something. Its brightness started to erase all the bruises and led me to the a small, modest cave where He was born away from dances and foods. I was not alone anymore. I had Him...
After that the star transferred me to a corner of Africa... I touched small heads and bodies exhausted from time and hunger... After that the star transferred me at Syria, Lybia, Irak... in a war zone. Christmas at that place... And a soldier is holding a small picture of Him and he is praying! I left some tears upon that picture and I left. I left for a small remote monastery that is located at the middle of the ocean. An old monk is praying warmly for every lonely soul. Am I really alone? I did understand that in my loneliness am fully surrounded from thousands hopes.. At my loneliness I found roommates, brothers and sisters, parents,friends in all over the world! In my loneliness I felt how is for someone to suffer... That made me to feel a different pleasure from the common ones. The pleasure of understanding the pain of my brother, the pleasure of appreciating every moment, the pleasure to be satisfied with the few. I learnt how to feel the God's presence even at the darkest war areas. My friend, you are not alone. We are thousands...  Every one has his issues and problems. The only I ask from you  is to accept my invitation... Today, on that Christmas day, I am waiting for you. We have appointment  under the stars.... you know... Come to make our loneliness a warm prayer. I am waiting for you! And don't forget: Obey the formal dress code. The angels will shine.... We have to do the same.

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