Τετάρτη, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Happy days

She was a lonely woman. Her husband died years ago. Her child was abroad. Nobody has given her any attention. She preferred that. Christmas arrived, she was lonely but she felt happiness. Her sight was full of peace. She felt that everything will go well. She stood up. Her lips were smiling and she continued saying: "My Lord save me"... She was dressed properly -for it was cold- and took with her a small amount - savings of 3 months-and went outside. She stood at the bus station. What a blessed bus station. There she was used to say every morning the Salutations to Madonna. She went to the big church at the city centre. She left the money for the poor, having first ensured that nobody saw her. She said something from her heart and then she left. She bought an envelope from the bookshop and she enclosed some money with a Christmas card with greetings. That envelope reached twenty minutes later the door of a family with a lot of difficulties. The rest of the money were spent for some fruits and vegetables. She bought no meat. She thought that it wasn't proper to eat as a Queen when the others were suffering. She left the last money to a beggar. She didn't care to check if he was lying and he was not a true beggar... She got at home tired. She was still smiling though. She loved the God and her brothers and that was enough for her. It was the reason for her to move on and hope. To hope and pray for everyone...

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