Πέμπτη 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

Insert hope and smile to your life!

Good morning my friend... A friend sent me an email describing how many difficulties he faces... Insurmountable difficulties. And when things were in a way sorted out, more and more difficulties arose.... That email made me think. What to say to him? After that, I heart a radio show of Fr  . Andreas Konanos who was telling about a woman with great difficulties: she suffered from a serious illness,  economic problems, family problems, and her life was full of difficulties  But she always had hope.  She was used to say thanks at her prayer! Our life is not an easy one. You do have difficulties as I have. But do an attempt to escape from yourself. Make an attempt to share love and peace to others. Don't forget to pray. Pray for the others and then say "Lord Bless me as well". When the day finishes, smile. Know that you cannot live without difficulties. What you CAN do is to hope and have faith... And my friend don't forget: At some time everything will be fine. All the problems will bring happiness... Do you think that I am telling fairy- tales? No! These are not fairy-tales. Why? Because there is God. And when the God enters to your life, He will bring  up and down"

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