Τετάρτη 11 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Does the Church offer anything?

You do hear that many times..."What does the church do? ... The priests are stealing, they wear those golden canonicals, they do take advantage of the property of the old people..." And this is not the only criticism. Οthers say that the priests teach things that they don't believe even themselves! So, what do you think? I would be very glad if you did send us your opinion. I will say my opinion. And if you don't like it just ignore it! Erase it from your mind, and I apologize for the time you spent due to me....
I think that the church is an invisible place that is  guarded by the Christ. Church is the medicine centre. We do enter into it with our passions and we are looking this that we cannot find anywhere else: piece. There we save ourselves. You told me earlier that priests are thieves. You told me that they are responsible for the fact that people do not feel attracted by the church. I do remember that you were so sure for your opinion that even you felt angry. I didn't say anything because you didn't want to listen something at that moment. ....

I do remember something that monk Paisios said about the bee and the honey. That the bee is running behind the flowers, while the housefly is running behind everything dirty. We,the people are exactly the same. You told me that the church does not offer something. This is what you have heard. I don't know what to say to you. Maybe try to judge deeper and not what it seems. Learn how to love, to experience things that you have never felt before. You may see peoples' faces that were hungry and ate at the church's table. What you may not have noticed is the drug addicted young man who confessed at the priest - yes the priest that you accused of cheating - and then He re-found Lord. You may not have noticed the woman who had her heart crashed after deciding  to abort  her child. Or the other woman who has decided to keep the child and now everybody ignores her. All those they did find a shelter. Do you know why? Because they had their heart open, and ready to accept. Like the prostitute of the Holy Bible, like Zacheus, like the thief on the cross. They were ex miserable but when they entered  to the medical centre of church they became brand new. The ex-killer, the ex-prostitute, the ex-sinner. .... All are now ex. Now all those they do enjoy heaven. That is what the church can give you. Come my good friend,come to see. Go the hospital to see the people whose life is trembling. Go the pediatric section to see those children who are receiving to Holy Body and Blood of the Christ and see how vivid their faces are despite their illness.  To see how their parent do receive courage... And I want to ask you something else.If you ever see a man of the God - not necessarily a priest - would you approach him or judge him as well? 

I don't know. We have to stop to be selfish. We have to examine ourselves for a while. Our soul that is covered by the mud of the sin. Let's approach the Christ. He won't show you the exit route. Do you know why? Because He "cannot". Why? Because He is crucified. Do you see Him? Do you notice the blood that is still running. His Love is above all... above everything. Don't think that this author is the best. I am full of passions as you. But I do stay at church because I receive love that is endless. Do you know how nice is to confess and feel that you want to fly? Is like a big rock that was located into your heart to become extinct! Let's  go to the church if you want. Because there we will be all together. You will never feel lonely. The Christ will take your soul and with your co-operation He will touch it and make it soft. This will happen with confession to a good priest as well. See how the holy men are shining. Smell their holy smell. See who they do still exist and they help others. See how the man becomes when he opens the door of his soul to his Master. That is what the church does offer. But it is not loud. The church acts quietly. But if you search you will meet it. And if you want you will live it. 

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