Τετάρτη 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

For the unanswered questions of life

How many times I was left with a complaint ... How many times I felt the earth moving under my feet ... How many times I stayed with unanswered questions, with wounds in my soul. Who will solve my problems? Who will help me, when no human solution exists anywhere?

And you, my friend, you have definitely been in similar situations; where you cannot humanly do anything else; when you feel the ultimate abandonment... There, my good friends, God is hiding. Through the unanswered questions of our lives God weaves the veil of our salvation. What about us? When grieves will kneel us down, then driven upon our knees, with laborious prayer, let's say: "You, my Lord, you know who I am. You know how sinful I am. You know, though, from how many difficulties I pass through. Fill me with patience. Grant me the strength to keep going; to endure; not to get lost. However, my Lord, whatever I want, let it be your own will. Because you know what is the best for me "...

Dedicated, from my heart, to those who suffer. Have courage my brothers.

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