Τετάρτη 8 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

A secret moment

Outside, a sweet calmness reins. The sun, getting ready for his downhill journey and strewing unique colors everywhere around. His last rays caressing warmly the flowering earth. If you could listen closely, you'd listen to the hidden singers of the forest filling with beautiful notes the calmness of this blessed land.
In the thick of the forest, a small hut. Nothing special. Built by holy hands, dozens of years before me coming here as a pilgrim. The wooden clothing of the hut had evidently the scars of time upon it. How many souls have passed from this hut... How many silent sighs from the heart. How many prayers took off this small patch of heaven.
So, here I am at last! Inside the hut. With a tiny chapel settled down inside it. So tiny that five people could barely fit in it. But also so spacious... With open arms. Just like an invitation from heaven. Right there at the vesper. You just listen and your heart feels complete and happy by the holy words the old monk is reading.
Not anything particular outwardly. But inside you... You can't stop your heart from feeling the holy joy emanating from this speechless mystery. Outside the birds are singing and inside you're attending the holy vesper. You live the moment intensely. You close your eyes. You stoop your head. Far away from all the noises of the large city. Without the sirens of everyday life. You are alone. You and God. You and your heart that gets more and more sweetened... That -without understanding the "why"- you feel as you never felt before. The questions fade out. The outside world's breathings don't touch you anymore. A sweet scent. Repentance... Tears... The birth of a new beginning. Everything is God. Everything is Love. Here. Here, in this small hut in the thick of the verdurous forest. Here, in the "garden of Virgin Mary". Ιn mount Athos....

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