Τετάρτη 29 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

The two frogs

Once upon a time two frogs fell into a bucket full of milk and realized they were sinking. At first, they tried to stay on top with their feet but without any success. They couldn't help it... They were sinking instead more and more. Suddenly, one of the frogs said: "I can't do it anymore. It 's impossible to get out of here. You can't swim in here. Since I will die here, at least I'll die my way without torturing myself by trying". After he said that, he stopped swimming and immediately he sank to the bottom of the bucket forever.
The other frog, more stubborn, fighting and persistent, thought: "Nothing doing! I can't get out of here. At least, since I am going to die, I will die trying"! So, he kept swiming and trying to stay on top for hours. Suddenly, after hours of trying, the milk jelled and became butter. Then, the frog, totally astonished, managed to get out of the bucket full of elation.

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