Δευτέρα 5 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

The louder your soul can scream...

When there is so much pain around you, you remain speechless. You look and you try to get into the facts, but you cannot sustain. That pain is not sustained... You are not God. You cannot return the things at their original situation... At the time that pain is at the peak, the truth is situated. What is situated is a clear feeling of originality which makes you to come nearer to others. To feel them, to hope. To hope, despite the fact  that you cannot do something. Some energy. Something drastic... Then, what to do my friend? How can you remain stood up? Tell me.What makes you to remain stood up...I don't know how to react... I feel so weak. I feel so  small. At that real time I feel the surrounding pain to squeeze me. The only that remains, is to give my cry to the God.To ask him to help. To transform my cry to prayer... To pray the louder that my soul can scream.: " Come my God. Come and give some happiness. Give courage,give hope".

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